The lack of Romanian workers increases the number of foreigners that can be hired by entrepreneurs this year.

The lack of Romanian workers, which led some entrepreneurs to recruit staff, including from the Philippines, as reported by Profit.ro since 2016, now means that the Romanian authorities are once again increasing, as last year, the number of foreign workers they can be registered in the local market even for this year. This time, the Government will double the maximum number of employees allowed.

In accordance with Ordinance 25/2014 on the employment and posting of foreigners in the territory of Romania, the Government decides annually on the contingent of types of newly admitted workers, depending on the labor migration policy and the situation on the labor market in Romania. . Practically, Romanian authorities establish every year how many foreign workers can be registered in the country. For this year, the approved quota is: permanent workers – 4,000 (compared to 3,000 last year, later supplemented by another 2,000); posted workers – 1,200 (700 last year, later supplemented by 1,000); people transferred within the same company – 700; highly qualified workers – 500, seasonal workers – 400; trainee workers – 100; cross-border workers – 100.

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